Royal Fir Christmas Trees

Of the many types of fir trees traditionally used, the Nordmann Fir is truly the Royalty of firs. The “perfect tree” has been grown commercially since 1960 and today over 8 million Nordmann Firs are produced annually in Denmark, the largest producer in Europe.

Our Royal Fir is of the Nordmann variety and is specially selected for:

  • an even cone shape,
  • lush, dark green color,
  • soft-to-the-touch, long-lasting needles.

Abies Nordmanniana

An academic name of Nordmann Fir is Abies nordmanniana. Its characteristics are:

  • Conifer, evergreen, 40-60 ft (12-18 m), in wild 200 ft (61 m), densely branched from ground up, regularly arranged.
  • Needles dense, directed forward, 20-30 mm long, 2-2.5 mm wide, apex rounded and notched, lustrous dark green above, 2 white stomatal bands below.
  • Cones 15 cm long and 5 cm wide, cylindrical.
  • Sun. Adaptable. Fast growing.


The trees are grown according to strict Danish environmental laws. No forest is damaged since our trees are grown on arable farmland in a sustainable eco-environment and are felled after 7-12 years. The trees are produced in harmony with nature, ensuring the preservation of the land and its wildlife.

Plantation view

The trees are grown on arable farmland in a sustainable ec0-environment

Trees ready for felling

The trees are nurtured 7-12 years before they are ready to fell.

Fresh foliage

Annual growth of the new branch lets ensures the trees are even, dense and harmonious.

Perfect tree top

The trees are pruned by hand to ensure they are symmetrical and have a tree top fit for ornamental star.